Join MAC Partners for a stronger mobile air conditioning industry

MAC Partners has a wide ranging membership base. It includes component manufacturers, air conditioning service equipment manufacturers, distributors and air conditioning specialists. We work together to create a strong industry environment.

Regular networking at events such as the EAAC Convention, which usually takes place bi-annually in September, alongside Automechanika in Frankfurt is just one of the opportunities for our members to meet and discuss industry related matters.

Our objective is to unite the European vehicle air conditioning industry in order to achieve a Europe wide certification system, for companies who recognise the necessity for excellent training and accreditation. In the near future we will be establishing an assessment and accreditation system in order to define an industry standard for professional vehicle service specialists or general maintenance workshops.

Eventually a European network of MAC Partners accredited air conditioning service specialists will be put in place and will become a sign of trained and competent specialists.

The MAC Partners initiative supports the environmental objectives of the European Commission, the Kyoto Protocol and the international automotive industry. We aim to reduce vehicle air conditioning refrigerant emissions and thereby enable the vehicle air conditioning industry to uphold its professional image.

  • We aim to protect the interests of our members
  • Promote the exchange of knowledge and experience amongst our members
  • We aim to give a discussion place to regional and national governmental and non-governmental organisations, as well as professionally advising governmental organisations
  • We aim to closely cooperate with comparable organisations in other continents in order to discuss and agree on global synergy effects and a global standard for the air conditioning industry.