Are you sanitising your car properly?

“The average steering wheel is four times dirtier than a toilet seat”. That’s the shocking fact that emerges from studies conducted by For many of us, cars are like our second homes. It should not be a surprise, then, realizing that viruses, bacteria, mould, dust, allergens, etc., are present in vehicles too.

The causes? A lack of proper and regular cleaning and disinfection, no doubt, but also a favourable environment for their survival and proliferation. This humid habitat is created, for example, by summer heat, rain, the natural action of the A/C system, and the simple presence of people or animals in the passenger compartment. This is a daily condition that is common to all vehicles but must be kept under control to avoid the onset of particular diseases. Shiny surfaces and clean carpets are not necessarily free from viruses, germs and bacteria. As a matter of fact, these microorganisms are present even in the cleanest-looking cars. To ensure sanitised car interiors, it is therefore necessary to go beyond the aesthetic aspect of cleaning.

What should be purified in passenger compartments?
For thorough and complete purification of cabins, it is necessary to ensure that high-touch surfaces such as the steering wheel, door handles, gear stick, screens, and buttons are clean and purified. Equally important is the purification of the vehicle’s A/C system, which must be cleaned and sanitised regularly. It’s an essential step to remove bacteria, germs and mould (the cause of bad odours) and prevent allergies and diseases linked to their proliferation, such as rhinitis, conjunctivitis, coughs, headaches, asthma, etc. Seats and car mats are further elements to pay attention to, especially if pets get into the car carrying dirt, a potential source of germs and bacteria that can be dangerous for our health, and especially for the children’s one.

How to purify car interiors?
There are various types of products on the market. Most of them, however, do not grant a complete purification, especially not for the most difficult to reach areas. Errecom’s answer is Kemuri, the device which, through the emanation of dry smoke, guarantees the uniform and complete purification of vehicle A/C systems and cabins, reaching even the areas that escape the most careful manual cleaning. Professional, yet quick and easy! Kemuri purifies in just 3 cycles, any surface of the passenger compartment, including ventilation ducts. A safe treatment that does not ruin surfaces of any kind (electronic equipment, fabrics, etc.). A guarantee made possible by the innovative formulation of Kiri, the purifying liquid designed and produced by Errecom, which is inserted into the Kemuri tank. This active substance guarantees long-lasting protection, ensuring not only thorough but also durable purification. Steering wheels, buttons, air ducts, seats and car mats: nothing escapes Kemuri’s purifying smoke!